On the issues of persons missing as a result of armed conflict, please call:+38-071-301-73-52; e-mail: ombudsman_dnr@mail.ru

The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation, within the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities between 3 and 16 March 2018

  International humanitarian law is part of the international law, which regulates relations between states in time of an armed conflict aiming to minimize the consequences of these conflicts. International humanitarian law covers the principles and rules governing the means and methods of warfare, as well as the humanitarian...

2 complaints on arrest received by DPR Ombudsman Office

eng задержании Between 26 February and 2 March, the Ombudsman Office was reported on the detention of a man born in 1977, while he was crossing the border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in January 2016. Another man, born in 1986, was arrested by police officers in April 2017, in...