Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office conduct inspection in Yenakievo correctional colony

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Staff of DPR Ombudsman Office carried out an inspection of the conditions of detention of persons serving sentences in Yenakievo correctional colony. They also paid special attention to observance of convicts’ rights by the administration of the facility.

At the time of the visit, 394 convicts have been serving their sentences in the colony. The convicts get adequate food in line with the established norms. There is a canteen in a separate one-storey building. Also, there are bathroom and laundry facilities, a bakery and a subsidiary farm in the territory of the institution.

In line with the legislation in force, convicted persons enjoy the right to short and long visits. Eight rooms are available for the visits. In addition, telephone calls are provided on a regular basis.

In the correctional colony, there is a sanitary unit in a separate two-storey building, which is fully provided with the necessary medicines. In case of need, there is a possibility of in-patient treatment of prisoners in a medical institution of the city of Yenakievo or in a multi-field hospital for convicts in the Donetsk correctional colony. Every year, persons serving a sentence, undergo a preventive examination. Medical screening of newly-arrived convicts is carried out.

Inmates have the opportunity to attend preventive and educational lectures. Also, they can attend art and music clubs. In separate premises, there is a library. There is a football pitch is in the courtyard, and the local sector has sports corners and a game zone. The colony has its own Orthodox chapel, where priests from Enakievo conduct worship on holidays and at weekends.

There is a school where convicts can obtain secondary education. Currently, 29 people attend school. All necessary books and technical supplies are available for them.

The convicts are allowed to work if they wish. The Yenakievo correctional colony specializes in manufacturing metal products. Also, there is a sewing workshop for the production of uniform. The convicts get paid in accordance with the current legislation.

As part of the inspection, staff of DPR Ombudsman Office conducted a personal reception for the convicts. There were no complaints regarding the actions of the administration of the facility, as well as inappropriate detention conditions or lack of necessary medical assistance during the interviews with the convicts.