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A solemn event on the occasion of Day of Judicial Authorities and Judicial System of DPR took place at the Kuibyshev Palace of Culture, as reported today, 22 October, by a correspondent of the official website of the DPR.  The justice professionals were congratulated by Interim Head of DPR Denis Pushilin, Deputy Chairperson of People’s Council Olga Makeyeva, Acting Minister of Justice Yuriy Sirovatko, Chairman of DPR Supreme Court Andrey Kim, deputies of the DPR People’s Council, delegates from the Republic of South Ossetia, Head of Central Executive Committee of the Donetskaya Respublika Public Movement Natalia Volkova, and DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

Congratulations from Interim Head of DPR Denis Pushilin:

“I congratulate workers and veterans of Judicial Authorities and Judicial System of DPR on their professional holiday. Your efforts have brought credible results! For as long as the Donetsk People’s Republic exists, a lot has been done. Much more is to be done, of course.

There are achievements to be proud of! Thanks to your willingness to follow the letter of the law, you achieved great results.”

For high professionalism and significant personal contribution to the development of the judicial system, the employees were awarded Certificates of Honor and Certificates of Appreciation by Interim Head of DPR.

Olga Makeyeva expressed congratulations on behalf of deputies of the People’s Council: “I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Day of Judicial Authorities and Judicial System of DPR.

In this difficult time, you are entrusted with a special mission – the establishment of a stable and effective system, shaping of the legal culture. And more importantly, you are tasked to restore citizens’ confidence in law and order. This is a rather complicated mission, but you are able to accomplish it.

I wholeheartedly wish you good health and professional growth”.

Chairman of the DPR Supreme Court Andrey Kim thanked his colleagues for their significant personal input in the development of the judicial system: “I would like to wish you patience to carry out your challenging mission. I hope that we will work together as one and will be able to contribute to the development of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

For personal contribution to the development of the judicial system, Andrey Kim awarded departmental awards to chiefs and employees of the legal system of the Republic. In addition, Certificates of Appreciation and Acknowledgement of the Supreme Court were awarded to distinguished workers.

Acting Minister of Justice Yuriy Sirovatko wished his colleagues warmth, peaceful skies and fireside comfort, “Thank you for your labour and courage.”

DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova congratulated workers and veterans of the judicial system on their professional holiday: “Guided by the principles of the rule of law, you ensure that important tasks are fulfilled. The flawless implementation of law, the protection of human rights and freedoms and national interests largely depend on you. I sincerely appreciate your high competence. I wish you success, good health, inexhaustible energy and peaceful skies!”

For selfless labour, high professionalism and significant contributions to the cause of defending human rights and freedoms of DPR citizens, Daria Morozova awarded Certificates of Honor to members of the judiciary.

The event ended with a festive concert by children’s creative groups and a performing artist of the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theatre Dmitry Fyodorov.

Source: DNR-online