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Daria Morozova on the causes of increased criminal activity in Ukraine (video)

In an interview to correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR Ombudsman commented on the causes of increased criminal activity in Ukraine. “These are the consequences of returning of “ATO veterans”, who were looting, robbing and killing our citizens. I believe that those people are sick in the head, they are addicted to such an “adrenaline”. That is why criminal activity is increasing. Moreover, these crimes do not find a strong response from the police,” Ombudsman said.

Another cause of an increased number of crimes, according to Ms Morozova, is an unsatisfactory performance of the Ukrainian Ombudsman. Talking about methods of resolving the situation, the DPR Ombudsman underlined that Ukraine, first of all, needs a profound reform of law enforcement agencies.