Daria Morozova calls on to suppress unlawful practices of SBU against Donbass citizens

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Today, on August 9th, Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR Daria Morozova held a press conference in Donetsk, which revealed more facts of physical and psychological pressure by SBU officers against Donbass residents forcing them to spy for Ukraine. According to a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, People’s Militia servicemen Stanislav Belich, Alexander Gaiduk, Mikhail Konoplin, Irakliy Partsvaniia and Andrey Bondarev, a staff of Makeevka Steel Works, also participated in the press conference.

“Recently, incidents of unlawful practices by officers of the Security Service of Ukraine against civilians and military personnel of the Donetsk People’s Republic have become more frequent. Through illegal methods of physical and psychological pressure, including threats to the life, health and freedom of relatives, representatives of Ukrainian special services are trying to force our citizens to collaborate and spy in favour of Ukraine,” Daria Morozova said.

By way of illustration, specific cases of such incidents were reported:

Bondarev Andrey Sergeevich, born in 1981, a civilian resident of Makeevka, was detained on June 20th, 2019 on suspicion of being a member of the militia on the DPR side on his way from the territory of Ukraine where he visited his mother. SBU officers, through physical coercion, forced Bondarev to incriminate himself by giving a written explanation, after which he was released. On July 3rd, 2019, SBU officers tried to force Bondarev to cooperate through blackmailing.

Belich Stalinslav Dmitrievich, born in 1996, a resident of Makeevka, serviceman. Through a social network, he was proposed to collaborate with the SBU in view of the fact that his relatives reside in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Gaiduk Alexander Vladimirovich, born in 1990, a resident of Krasny Liman, serviceman. As he was talking to his mother living in the territory controlled by Ukraine, she said that she had been under pressure by the SBU forcing the woman to make her son side with Ukraine in exchange for amnesty and financial compensation.

Konoplin Mikhail Sergeevich, born in 1991, a resident of Ochakovo, serviceman. Since May 2019, SBU officers have regularly visited the place of work of his father, who lives in the territory controlled by Ukraine, demanding the latter to influence his son in order to force him to spy for Ukraine.

Partsvaniia Irakliy Giglaevich, born in 1988, a resident of Sukhumi, serviceman. Though a social network, an SBU officer persistently urged him to side with Ukraine, blackmailing the man, as his sister lives in the territory of Ukraine.

“Declaring adherence to the principles of democracy and the rule of law, the Ukrainian government continues to flagrantly violate the rights and freedoms of Donbass residents. This involves sabotage and terrorist activity, kidnapping of people, detention in secret prisons, the use of physical and psychological methods to obtain the necessary information, as well as coercion into collaboration and much more. These actions of the Ukrainian side are outrageous and do not promote the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Instead, they lead to its escalation.

In connection with the threat to the life and health of relatives of those present, I have sent letters to the international organizations ICRC, OSCE and UN with a request to document the above incidents of unlawful practices by SBU officers and take the necessary steps to prevent encroachments on the rights and freedoms of citizens. I call on the world community to use all available levers of influence on the leadership of Ukraine in order to stop such illegal practices, as well as to ensure the protection and observance of the rights and freedoms of Donbass residents,” the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR stated.

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Source: DNR-Online