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Today, 8 May, on the eve of the celebration of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Chief Administrator of the Ombudsman Office Andrey Kolomiytsev visited a Saur Mogila Memorial Complex, where he laid flowers and paid tribute to the fallen heroes who fought to defend Donbass from German-fascist invaders.

Citizens of the Republic rallied near the memorial complex at Saur Mogila kurgan. Citizens of our state came to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the Motherland and lay flowers to the Eternal Fire.

The Republic residents observed a minute of silence for the fallen fighters of the Great Patriotic War, who died defending their homeland.

“Traditionally, we meet near Saur Mogila on the eve of the Victory Day. This place is sacred for us. Here, on this land, our grandparents and grand-grandparents, and in 2014 our friends and comrades, gave their lives for our freedom. We mustn’t forget that we owe our lives to people who died for freedom of Donbass. Memory eternal to those who fought for our land,” said Andrey Kolomiytsev.