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Greetings from Daria Morozova on Interior Ministry Personnel Day in DPR

Dear current and former personnel of the DPR Interior Ministry, I congratulate you on your professional day!  Your labour is a symbol of honour and fortitude, a strong commitment to your calling. Protectors of public order have been in the past, are at present and will be in the future main actors in crime-fighting. Officers of Internal Affairs...

Clarification from Ombudsman on granting additional leave to workers who have children

Ombudsman has been increasingly receiving information requests from citizens on granting additional leave to workers who have children. According to Art. 20-1 of the DPR Law No. 16-INS “On Holidays” of 6 March 2015, additional leave for 10 days, without holidays and weekends, must be granted once a year to: one of the employed parents who have...