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SBU secret prisons in Kharkov, Krasnoarmeisk and Kramatorsk

The secret prisons of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian volunteer battalions operated not only in Mariupol, but throughout the contact line in Donbass, as well as in other cities of Ukraine, including Kharkov, Kramatorsk and Krasnoarmeisk. The information has been reported by former prisoners and confirmed by MIA of Ukraine, UN...

Eight conflict-related victims reported this week in DPR

Between 12 and 18 July 2019, as a result of armed aggression by Ukraine 2 persons died in the Donetsk People’s Republic: 1 civilian woman and 1 DPR serviceman. Also within this period, the Human Rights Ombudsman Office was reported that 7 persons were injured, including 4 DPR servicemen, 1 civilian man and 2 civilian women. It was reported that...