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The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation, within the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities between 18 and 24 May 2019

On May 20, 2019, three international human rights organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House) published an open letter to the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, in which they focused on major concerns in the country in the field of human rights and freedoms. Some of them are related to the situation...

Living conditions in Gorlovka Boarding House receive positive assessment

Staff of DPR Ombudsman Office inspected living conditions, social services and the provision of medical care in the Residential social care institution “Boarding house for senior citizens and disabled persons with a geriatric care department, Gorlovka.”At the moment, 109 citizens of advanced age and physically challenged citizens in need of...