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Statement from Daria Morozova on publicizing interview of Yulia Prosolova on 25 October 2018

  On 25 October, an interview of Yulia Prosolova criminating herself, and, in fact, pleading guilty, was made public.   I have no doubts that this confession was made under pressure and against her will, which again demonstrates disrespect to human rights by Ukraine. I would like to highlight that we asked the Coordinator of the Humanitarian...

Human rights are protected by state (by Debaltsevo city administration)

On Thursday, in Debaltsevo, an on-site reception was held. During the reception, appeals from citizens regarding human rights were reviewed.     Head of the Legal Department and Head of the Appeals Department of the DPR Ombudsman Office answered citizens’ questions. Despite the fact that many of the appeals did not concern human rights issues,...