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This week, one appeal on detention received by DPR Ombudsman Office

Last week, one appeal on detention by Ukrainian security forces was received by DPR Ombudsman Office. A man born in 1981 was detained in April 2018 at the line of Contact. No appeals on missing persons were received this week. According to the latest data, 283 persons are held by the Ukrainian side, including 82 of those whose presence on the...

Five persons injured last week, according to Ombudsman Office

Between 7 and 13 September 2018, five persons (4 servicemen and 1 civilian man) were injured in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic as a result of armed aggression of Ukraine. Fortunately, no casualties reported among civilians and servicemen. Between 1 January and 13 September 2018, 245 persons were injured in the territory of the...