*On the issues of persons missing as a result of armed conflict, please call:+38-071-404-69-29; e-mail: ombudsman_dnr@mail.ru

Specifics of curfew time for underage persons

logo1 A Decree of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic of 02.07.2018 No. 194 introduced amendments to a Decree of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic of 27.01.2016 No.16. According to the changes, curfew time is established from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Some limitations on movement unaccompanied by adults have been imposed for: [...]

Ombudsman Office recalls the need to pay off debts for communal services

important In connection with the increase in the number of appeals to the Human Rights Ombudsman Office in the Donetsk People's Republic on issues related to the recovery of debts for the consumed public utilities, we remind that citizens are obliged to pay for consumed electricity, water supply, and maintenance. There was a freeze imposed on [...]

The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation, within the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities between 28 July and 3 August 2018

обзор     Since gaining independence, language issue has always been one of the favourite issues of politics of all levels. It remains acute even now, in the fifth year of the civil war in Donbass that followed actions of government aimed at infringement of the rights of regional entities and unwillingness to respect the opinion [...]