*On the issues of persons missing as a result of armed conflict, please call:+38-071-404-69-29; e-mail: ombudsman_dnr@mail.ru

Greetings from the DPR Ombudsman on the Interior Ministry Personnel Day

IMG_3768-300x200 Dear residents of the Republic! Today, November 10, the Interior Ministry Personnel Day is celebrated in our young state. At all times, the profession of a law enforcement officer stood out among other professions since it requires special responsibility for the life and security of people. The job of the officer is a daily feat, [...]

The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation, within the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities between 4 and 10 November, 2017

  Exactly one hundred years ago overnight into November 8, 1917 an event occurred that changed the course of history and led to creation of a new state. The right of nations to self-determination proclaimed by the Soviet government became the foundation on which many sovereign states were built. This is one of the main [...]